• Visang Education, Signs a MOU with Alphabooks, a Vietnamese publishing company, for Cooperation in Development of Educational Publications
  • ■ Visang Education, To Cooperate with a Vietnamese publishing company Alphabooks for the Development of Local School Textbooks and Supplementary books
    ■ Signs an MOU on the 15th and Collaborates to Enter the Vietnamese Educational Publishing Market... Participates in the“Vietnam Global Education Fair” in Hanoi in March 2021


    On 18th January, Visang Education, the global education & culture company (KOSPI 100220, CEO Tae-hoe Yang) announced that the company signed a MOU with Alphabooks, a Vietnamese publishing company Alphabooks, on the 15th of January. Alphabooks agreed to cooperate with Visang Education to enter the Vietnamese education publishing market. 

    Alphabooks, as a leading Vietnamese publishing company, publishes books in a wide range of books through publishing brands in five fields, including business, self-development, humanities, science, and literature. Recently, the company established a subsidiary called ETS, and made a plan to begin the publishing business in the fields of mathematics and science education in earnest. 

    Through the MOU, Visang Education and Alphabooks agreed on ▲ the cooperation for the development of Vietnamese school textbooks and supplementary books, ▲ the joint participation in the Vietnam Global Education Fair, and ▲ the mutual sharing of information on the education market. 

    Accordingly, Alphabooks cooperate closely with Visang Education from the early stages of development of Vietnamese math and science textbooks and supplementary books, and participates in the “Vietnam Global Education Fair” to be held in Hanoi in March.

    The history of textbook development in 10 countries will be exhibited, centering on the history of Korean textbooks and Visang Education’s textbooks at the Fair.

    Joongil Roh, the director of the Division of GEO Company said, “It is meaningful to cooperate with a competent publishing company like Alphabooks for the development of educational content in Vietnam. It is a national task of the Vietnamese government to cultivate human resources to support Vietnam's rapid economic development. To achieve this, the supply of quality content is essential. Visang Education will cooperate with Alphabooks and contribute to the development of education in Vietnam based on the know-how and experience we have accumulated so far.” 

    Previously, Visang Education signed a license agreement with Alphabooks for English Reading Books, “Reader’s Bank” in 2019, and Visang Korean Language Textbooks in 2020 and published them in Vietnamese. Now, the company is planning to publish a Vietnamese version of elementary mathematics textbooks.

    Alphabooks CEO Bu Trong Dai said, “I hope that this strategic alliance will bring Visang Education's success stories and extensive experiences in Korea to the Vietnamese education market. Going one step further from the copyright agreement, I look forward to the bilateral cooperation in a wide range of areas in various fields such as textbook production and EdTech.”

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