• VISANG History

  • VISANG started to the bussiness by the publication of the textbooks for the afterschool institutes. Now Visang became a global company as a corporation that creates a new paradigm in the edutainment field from textbooks to education technology.
  • 2018 ~

    Leaped to become a global corporation through the education technology with various educational culture and content

  • 2022

    11 Launched 'OnlyOne', a Metacognition-based complete learning system

    10 An English language learning solution developed in conjunction with Oxford University Press for export to Vietnam.

    09 A total of six types of math, social studies, and science textbooks have passed for 5th and 6th graders.
    Launched <ELiF Language Institute>, an interactive English Institute for elementary and middle schools.
    Elementary Self-Development Book <Wanja Gongbulyeog> Series Published.
    Launched <pionada>, the first in the field mind growth-based group learning coaching service.

    08 The supplementary book <Gaenyum plus Yoohyung> was named a winner of Germany's ‘Red Dot Design Awards’.

    05 The Selvas AI company and EdTech signed an MOU for research together on educational materials.
    VISANG supplementrary books and elementary school textbooks prized gold, silver, and bronze at ‘the 2022 A Design Award’.

    04 <Wise Camp>, has acquired a patent for the content of the note, ‘Metacognition-based learning’.
    At the iF Design Awards 2022, elementary school textbooks and teaching materials won five main awards.
    A donation of 10 million won has been prepared by the employee's walk donation campaign, and it has been delivered to Guro-gu.
    <Soohak Plus Learning>·<ELiF>, has been adopted at Sangmyung University's affiliated elementary school as a smart classroom learning program.

    01 <Soobakc.com>, awarded the Korea First Brand Grand Prize in the Middle School Internet Lecture category in 2022.
    A metaverse exhibition space 'VISANG englishland' has been opened for the experience of English textbooks.

  • 2021

    12 <Wings>, having entered the finalist list of the world's largest EduTech exhibition, the 2022 BETT Awards.
    <masterK>, has won the 2021 Professional Education Grand Prize at the Web Awards Korea.

    11 <ELiF>, a interactive digital elementary English program, has won a gold award at the AES Global Awards.
    At the German Design Awards 2022, elementary school textbooks and teaching materials won gold award.

    10 Publication of <Soohak ui sin> in preparation for high-level questions for the first grade of school grades

    09 Signed MOU with Seoul National University BK21 project group for the study of elementary school textbook design.

    07 <Viva Sam>, has opened an elementary school teachers' support site.

    06 <masterK>, a Korean language distance education platform, was launched.

    05 EdTech's brand of math and reading textbooks won a Gold Bronze award at ‘the 2021 A Design Awards’.

    03 <masterTOPIK>, provides Korean e-learning subscription services globally.

    02 <englisheye>, having entered the finals of the 2021 BETT Awards.

    01Signs a MOU with the Vietnamese publishing company <Alphabooks> for the cooperation in development of educational publications

  • 2020

    12Starts the ‘Cyber Language Center Platform Business’
    Exports the English Education Programs <ELiF>, <Challenge> to UAE and Egypt

    11Exports the Early Childhood English Program <Wings> to the State of Qatar

    09Receives an award by the Minister of Education at ‘2020 EdTech Korea Awards’

    07Exports the Early Childhood English Program <Wings> to Myanmar

    06Opens the Indoor Trampoline Park “JUMPSKY”

    05Receives Gold, Silver and Bronze at A' Design Award & Competition held in Italy (Textbooks)
    Exports the copyright to publish <The Incredible Brother and Sister’s Accidental Science Adventures> book series to Taiwanese BABEL PUBLISHING COMPANY Culture Publishing Company

    01Published the elementary school math book, <Gaenyum plus yeonsan>

  • 2019

    12Published the elementary school reading book, <DokhaeTok>
    Published the books in preparation for CSAT, <Fullsurok>
    Supplementary books website received the ‘The Web Awards Korea 2019’.

    10Selected as the 2020-2022 National Mathematics Textbook (elementary school) publisher.
    Korean smart learning classroom opens in Vietnam

    08Held ‘Performance Coaching Program with Asian Publishers within the Publishers Circle Initiative’ by WIPO

    06Selected as ‘Inclusive Business Solution’ by KOICA.
    Textbooks & supplementary books prize awarded ‘2019 A' DESIGN AWARD'.

    05‘englisheye’, signed an export contract with Vietnamese education firm ‘APAX Holdings’.

    04Launched “klass,” the first Korean language learning service based on EduTech solutions.
    Developed ‘future-oriented textbooks’ for elementary schools.

    03Published the elementary school social studies and science textbook series, ‘Let’s Only Learn This’
    Published the high school literature textbook series, ‘Literature Theory and Logical Interpretation’

    02Textbooks & supplementary books prize awarded “iF Design Awards 2019”
    Renewed the elementary, middle, and high school math learning solution VISANG Plus Learning as ‘Soohak Plus Learning’
    Published the series ‘Needed Now’ for the college entrance examination

    01englisheye,launched the elementary school basic phonics program ‘Hello Phonics’
    Published the Korean language learning textbook series, ‘VISANG Korean
    Published the elementary school English writing textbook series, ‘Parody WRITING’

  • 2018

    12Awarded the 'Presidental Award' in December from the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family.
    Science teaching material 'O2' received the 2018 'It-Award' for Graphic Design.
    Awarded the 25th 'Innovative Company Award' sponsored by the 'Korean Chamber of Commerce & Industry’ and the 'Ministry of Trade'.
    englisheye, launched the elementary smart grammar program 'Grammar Plus'.

    11Elementary science fairy tale 'The Wonderful Sibling's Accidental Science Journey' awarded The 2018 Best Scientific Literature Award.

    10Development and pilot testing of the 'mind textbook' is implement.

    09'Wings', an English education program for kindergarten students, signed an export contract with Vietnamese English education firm 'E-English'.

    08The online educational site 'MasterTopik' for the Korean proficiency TOPIK exam agreed to collaboration with the Korean Education Center of the South Korean Embassy in Thailand.

    07Published the elementary science fairy tale 'The Wonderful Sibling's Accidental Science Journey' series.
    'englisheye,’ a self-paced English learning academy brand for primary and middle school students, accomplished the milestone of launching 1000 franchises.

    06VISANG held its 20th anniversary celebration ceremony, 'Dream & Vision' and defined the new ‘VISANG’ corporate identity in step with the publishing of the commemorative magazine 'VISANG Twenty'.

    03Donated 101,800 textbooks for the Community Chest of Korea.

    02VISANG ranked 1st in the elementary, middle, and high school textbook divisions for South Korean educational firms for the fourth consecutive year.
    Participated in the 2018 GESS educational equipments exhibition, Dubai, the UAE.
    Contracted for <englisheye> with 'TIMEJOY', the education company in China.

  • 2013 ~ 2017

    Became a top-ranking corporation that will open up the smart education era and led the change

  • 2017

    12Held the Gimjang (Making kimchi) Sharing Festival. By preparing 4000kg of gimjang, the delivery to the alienated class in the Guro region.

    11Contract to supply Korean education contents with Hujiang Englisheye prize awarded '2017 Japan e-Learning Award' in the Sector of Global Special.

    10Announce ‘the VISANG’s way’ to signified innovative organizational culture.

    09Selected as ‘an educational donation and career certificate authority’ by Ministry of Education.

    07Acquisition of 'Wise Camp', a leading company in online education for elementary school students.

    02'Wings' made a contract with New Oriental Education & Technology Group, the largest educational corporation in China.

    01VISANG Textbooks awarded '2017 Best Brand Package Award'.

  • 2016

    11Launched the digital educational program for the middle school students, 'VIEW'.

    10Launched 'Gaenyum plus Yoohyung_TOP', a math supplementary book for elementary school students.

    09Certified for the BEST HRD with the highest score, as organized by the Ministry of Employment and Labor.

    04Awarded No.1 in '2016 National Brand' in <Textbook>, <Supplementary books for the middle and high schools> for three consecutive years Launched 'Math Plus Learning', a customized online math-learning system.

    03Selected as the 2017-2019 National Science Textbook (elementary school) publisher.

    01Awarded No.1 in '9th National Educational Corporation Awards' in <Textbook for the elementary and middle school> for two consecutive years.

  • 2015

    11Made a business agreement with NAVER to provide educational encyclopedia.

    10Selected as 2016 National Science Textbook and National Art, Music, Physical Education Textbook publisher.

    08'Online Korean Language Lectures' made a contract with 'GANADA' language institution in Vietnam.

    02Awarded the 1st place at the 8th South Korean Educational Corporation Awards in the <elementary and middle school textbook> and <digital learning> sector.

    01The launching of the ‘englisheye’, which is a program for the elementary and middle school English institutes. Awarded the 2014 & Award Grand Prix.

  • 2014

    041st place in ‘2014 National Brand Award in the sector of <textbook> , 1st place in the sector of <Middle/High School Learning Materials>.

    02The conclusion of a business agreement for ‘supporting the learning by the overseas Korean children’ with the Suzhou Korean School in China.

    01Passed as the Society (1) and Science (1) junior high school digital textbooks according to the curriculum that was revised in 2009.
    VISANG textbook e-book prize awarded with Grand prix in ‘2013&Award’ in the sector of Digital Contents.

  • 2013

    11Held ‘The 2014 University Entrance Examination Explanation Session’ with the Guro-gu Office.

    10The publication of the revised edition of the <Reader’s Bank> in the year 2014.
    The conclusion of an agreement for the establishment of ‘the integrated teaching and learning service’ with the Digital Textbook Association.
    The reorganization of <The High-level Gaenyum Yoohyung>.

    09Participation of VISANG ESL in 2013 e-learning international expo’.
    Minister and Vice Minister of Education of Thailand visited the ‘site of Korea’s smart education’.

    08The conclusion of a business agreement for ‘the support for the learning by the senior high school students from the low-income families’ with Human in Love Passed with a total of 27 officially-approved, elementary and high schools textbooks in the year 2013 according to the 2009 revised curriculum.

    07'Soobakc.com' held ‘The 2013 High School Entrance Explanation Session’.

    06Launch of 'Gukkwasa plus' VISANG Ivytz.

    05CEO Yang Tae Hwoe, appointed as the president of ‘Supporter’s Association of World’s Korean Schools’.

    04M&N of subsidiary ‘VISANG ESN’.

    03The publication of the elementary level <The supplementary books in Preparation for the Descriptive-Essay type> / Broke through 1,000 franchised, VISANG MathCAN, private, educational institutes.

    02Grand opening of <Vivasam>, smart teaching and learning service.

    01Cumulative sales of 17 million copies of Wanja
    Transfer of company building.

  • 2008 ~ 2012

    The expansion of the business to the publication of the textbooks,
    soaring up as an education-specializing corporation

  • 2012

    12The grand opening of the <Gongbuenjin>, which is a new-concept, CSAT site.
    The launching of the English reading book <Dokkaebi>.

    10English e-textbooks appointed as Asia’s representative masterpieces in the 2013 International e-learning contest.

    07VISANG ESL-participation consortium jointly receives the order for ‘the Korean wave-based, digital, Korean-language education business’.

    06The launching of ‘Reading Spark 1-6’, an original book-type, reading book.

    02Acquired ESL Edu, the pioneer company of digital textbook.

  • 2011

    08'Soobakc.com' opens the very first written learning plan plagiarism search service in the industry.

    07The donation of the fund-raising amount for the emergency relief from the great Japan earthquake.

    03Commencement of high school textbook publications.

    01The opening of <Mom & Talk>, which is an educational information community of the parents of the students in the elementary schools.

  • 2010

    12<O2> exceeds cumulative sales of 10 million copies.

    11The opening of <MathCAN>, which is a private, educational institute specializing in the mathematics on the elementary and secondary levels.

    07The opening of the elementary level online lecture <isoobakc.com>.

    04<Gaenyum plus Yoohyung> exceeds cumulative sales of 10 million copies.

    03<Reader’s Bank> copyright security.
    Ranked number 1 in the category of the middle and high schools textbooks as a result of the brand power investigation supervised by the KMAC.

    02VISANG educational group exceeds total sales of 100 billion Korean Won.

  • 2009

    05Sales of <Wanja> exceeds 10 million copies, <Han-ggut> exceeds 15 million copies.

    04Changed the name of the company from ‘Viyu wa Sangjing' (Metaphors and Symbols) to ‘VISANG Education’.

    03Commencement of middle school textbook publication.

  • 2008

    11Grand Prize in the field of educational service in <The Web Awards Korea 2008>.

    10The separation of the Middle and high school sites of the ‘Soobakc.com’ online lectures.

    09The establishment of the ‘VISANG ESN’, which is a private, educational institute franchise. And the opening of <VISANG Ivytz>, which is a secondary, general, private, educational institute.

    07Opening of ‘VISANG EDU Institute’ dedicated to university entrance examination.
    Establishment of ‘VISANG Mock Exams’, academic background evaluation institute.

    06Public listed on Securities Market(KOSPI).

    04Selected as ‘an excellent corporation with the equal employments of the males and the females’ in the category of the small- and medium-sized corporations that was supervised by the Ministry of Labor.

  • 2004 ~ 2007

    Developed self-paced learning textbooks and lead the education field through the expansion of the platform

  • 2007

    10Won the Marketing Grand Prize in <The 2007 Korea Management Awards>, hosted by the KMAC.

    05Won the first prize in <The 2007 Corporation Trusted by the Korean Consumers Award>, hosted by the Korea Consumers Forum.

    01Opened the e-learning website, 'soobakc.com' providing online lectures for middle and high school students.

  • 2006

    11Selected as 'Best Organization with excellent human resources development' (Best HRD) by Korean goverment.
    Won the excellence prize for customer service innovation at <The 14th Republic of Korea Customer Satisfaction and Management Awards> hosted by KMAC.

    08Launched the brand 'Se Him', a private, educational institute specializing in reading, discussion, and essay-writing.

    06'Han-Keut' exceeds the sales of 10 million copies.

    02Proclaimed the company value called 'Visang Value'(VIVA).

    01Won the awards at ‘The Republic of Korea Educational Brands Awards’, which was hosted by Brands Talk, for two consecutive years.
    Won an award at ‘The 2006 Educational Brand Awards Selected by the Parents of the Students’, which was hosted by The Women’s News.

  • 2005

    07Won first prize at <The 3rd Korea Educational Industry Awards> hosted by The Hankook Ilbo.

    04Began regular donations to the Community Chest of Korea.
    Found <Temabyeolni>, essay-writing and oral learning book.

    01Won first prize at <The Republic of Korea Educational Brand Awards>, hosted by Brand Stock.
    Publication of <Wanja>, self-study books for middle and high school students.

  • 2004

    12Introduced "The Written Promise for Maintaining the Trust in the Transaction Relationship" for the ethical management.

    09Published <The Power of Endurance>, textbook for the special, high school lectures on the secondary level.

    06Held the new CI proclamation ceremony of 'Viyu wa Sangjing' (Metaphors and Symbols).

  • 1997 ~ 2003

    Created new markets by developing textbooks for afterschool institutes

  • 2003

    09Publication of High School Science <O2>, High School Math<Gaenyum plus Yoohyung>.

  • 2002

    05Publication of Middle School Science<O2>, Middle School Mathematics <Gaenyum plus Yoohyung>.

    01Change of company name "Viyu wa Sangjing"(Metaphors and Symbols).

  • 2000

    09Publication of high school Korean supplementary book <Complete with one book>.

  • 1998

    06Publication of middle school Korean supplementary book<Complete with one book>.

  • 1997

    12Establishment of "Viyu wa Sangjing" (Metaphors and Symbols), educational publishing company.