• Visang Education, Starts the‘Cyber Language Center Platform Business’for the‘Uninterrupted Korean Language Education’
  • ■ Visang Education, Starts the “Cyber Language Center Platform Business”That Connects between University Language Center Nationwide and Korean Learners Around the World. Held an Online Business Briefing Session with 16 Institutions in the Afternoon, on December 9th 
    ■ It officially operates from the spring semester in March after Beta testing at the end of January next year


    Visang Education, the global education & culture company (KOSPI 100220, CEO Tae-Hoe Yang), is going to start a new platform business that connects between  university language centers nationwide and Korean language learners around the world with the goal of the ‘uninterrupted Korean language education.’

    On 10th December, Visang Education announced that the company held an online business briefing session on December 9th at 2 pm to introduce the new language center platform business to 16 institutions including university language centers and domestic public institutions.

    Since the outbreak of COVID-19, university language centers are experiencing great operational challenges as the number of students entering the country has decreased sharply. On the other hand, overseas demand for learning Korean language has rather increased due to the effects of ‘K-Quarantine’ and ‘K-POP’. 

    In such situations, Visang Education has developed a ‘Cyber ​​Language Center Platform' that connects between university language centers nationwide and Korean language learners around the world to support smooth contact-free learning environment.

    At the briefing session, Visang Education explained the structure of the new Korean language center platform, various cutting-edge Korean language education solutions, contents, and service features and presented the future business plan.

    The ‘Cyber ​​Language Center Platform’ is equipped with an educational video solution, e-learning content produced in six languages ​​(Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese), CBT TOPIK mock test, AI pronunciation evaluation, and Korean Language Smart Solution (Klass). Also, it is designed to check student’s attendance, test, grade calculation, and certificate issuance through LMS (Learning Management System)

    Visang Education provides an independent cyber language center web page (Gate) for each university and institution, and the universities will proceed remote/online Korean language education in accordance with the existing operational process of language center. With the remote education, various types of classes are available by using e-learning and cutting-edge smart solution.

    With the emergence of the platform that connects between language centers, which are struggling to attract students, and foreign students who have lost opportunities to learn Korean, the inconsistency in supply and demand for Korean language education services is expected to be largely resolved.

    Visang Education will implement Beta testing in January next year with universities and public institutions that have signed an MOU and work on functional enhancement. The global Korean language education service will officially begin from the spring semester in March.

    The head of Visang Education GEO Company Roh Joongil who is in charge of Cyber Langauge Center Platform Business said, “As the national prestige of South Korea has risen, the number of foreigners who want to learn Korean language is increasing, so each university language center will be able to provide opportunities for Korean language education to more students through the cyber language center,” and added, “We will also try to work with national institutions to provide high-quality Korean language learning opportunities to all the students who need Korean language education.”

    The director of International exchange center at Myongji University, Sung-il Joo said, “The language center, which has served as a core infrastructure for Korean language education, is experiencing great difficulties due to COVID-19, and a new solution is needed for the 'uninterrupted Korean language education’, and ‘The Cyber Language Center Platform’ developed by Visang Education seems to have all the functions required by the language centers in the era of non-face-to-face learning. Hopefully, it will be widely used as a new Korean language education platform that transcends space limitations.”

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