• Visang Education, 2020 Edtech Korea Awards The Winner of the Awards of the Minister of Education for Excellence in Digital Elementary English Programs

    ■ Visang Education Inc., Attended the “2020 EdTech Korea Awards”ceremony hosted by the Ministry of Education from 9th-11th January.... The Winner of the Awards of the Minister of Education for Excellent Edtech Company
    ■ “ELiF”, the interactive digital elementary English program competed for the 2020 EdTech Awards. Its unique technology and outstanding service capability were highly appreciated.



    Visang Education, the global education & culture company (KOSPI 100220, CEO Tae-hoe Yang) won the “2020 EdTech Korea Awards at the Edtech Korea 2020 held from 9th-11th January as an online event. Visang Education received the Grand Prize in the EdTech Service Category.

    Edtech Korea, hosted by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Trade, Industry  & Energy, is an annual EdTech exhibition that has been held since 2006 with the aim of fostering creative and convergent talents who will lead the future, bridging the educational gap, pioneering trade routes and revitalizing businesses. 

    Under the theme of “Edtech, Education Digital Transformation”, the online exhibitions including the virtual exhibition hall, EdTech digital signage boards, video consultations, online international conferences, etc. were held due to the COVID-19 crisis this year.

    Visang Education exhibited ELiF(English Learning in the Future), which is the interactive digital elementary English program, at EdTech Excellent Company Contest, the award event of the Edtech Korea 2020. Visang Education received the Grand Prize, the Award given by the Minister of Education in the Service Category. 

    ELiF is a creative language education solution that incorporates elementary-level English learning content on an EdTech platform that combines a student-centered digital learning system and a coaching system. Students' participation and immersion in lessons are improved because teachers and students exchange questions in real-time lessons.   

    In particular, it maximizes the learning effect with 3D animations based on daily lives, various multimedia and lively videos taken directly from overseas such as the United States. it also enhances the completeness with accurate and subdivided content by applying the internationally recognized comparison test.

    Joon-woo Hyun, the head of Visang Education EdTech Division,said, “I am happy that ELiF was recognized for its unique technology and excellent service capability at the most important EdTech event. ELiF has already been exported to Vietnam, where the educational fervor is high, and is being used as a local language school program. In addition to expanding the overseas market of EdTech products, we will offer effective teaching methods suitable for contact-free education environments, and make more efforts to develop services that are beneficial to teachers and students.”

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