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    • Investor Relations

    • We strive to provide VISANG's values and information and will attempt to enhance its shareholders
    • Management Performance of VISANG

      VISANG was public listed in the Securities Market on June 30th 2008

      Listed on the Korean stock market, VISANG will be re-evaluated by the global market and take a leap forward. Based on various educational contents including Korea's representative textbooks (selected by 8,578 schools), best-selling supplementary books (sold over 100 million copies), an interactive English program for kids "Wings!", self-paced English learning program "englisheye", and an online self-studying program "Wise Camp", VISANG Education will ascend as an educational contents group that sets a new paradigm in global education.

    • Sales Amount
    • The most highest adoption rate in the main subjects

      High school
      Life science

      40.2%High school Chemistry

      35.9%High school Korean geographic

      30.4%High school Korean history


      Middle school Social studies

      25.5%Middle school Science

      20.2%Middle school Mathematics

    • The market of textbook (Status of selection rate)
      The most highest adoption rate

      with 48 titles in 27 subjects


      Middle school: Mathematics, Science
      High school: Korean, Korean geographic.


      Middle school: Mathematics, Science, Social studies, History, Social studies maps & graph, History maps & graph
      High school: Literature, Differential and intergral calculus, Chemistry, Life science, Korean geographic.

      The second place

      54 titles in 19 subjects


      Middle school: Korean, Social studies, History.
      High school: Reading and grammar, Social studies, Korean history.


      elementary school: Music, P.E.
      Middle school: Korean, art, P.E.
      High school: Korean, Speaking and writing, Probabillity and statistics, Social studies and culture, Economics, world geographic, Korean history, East Asia history.


      Middle school: Social studies.
      High school: Korean, Physics, art.